Harnessing the power of community,
innovative technology and ethics
to protect life on our planet.

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The time has come to unleash the power of humanity – every single one of us – to help protect life on Earth.

It's just that easy to make something amazing

As Earth Guardians we empower communities to see the world through the lens of biodiversity, making it central to human existence.

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We are changing market forces to value nature.

Earth Guardians technology empowers people to help manage and protect biodiversity by sharing observations and being rewarded for expertise. We’re focused on igniting human curiosity in nature through innovative, scalable, high-impact technology.

Our impact can be measured by:

  • Expertise – Giving our passionate and expert community an opportunity to be rewarded for their efforts to help protect and record biodiversity, allowing them to drive exponential change. We feel it’s important to exchange value for their contribution and be ambassadors for their work.
  • Planet – We have a comprehensive and randomised high quality dataset to be used in research, conservation projects and decision making, all while empowering the community to give back to their Earth.
  • Engagement – We’re creating a new generation of eco-literate Earth Guardians through mainstream activities such as gaming, online training and paid work all while connecting people to the beauty of nature.

say hello to our executive team

Andrew Robinson

Co-Founder, Chair of the Board and Chief Engineer

Andrew is leading the Guardians of Life game development, BioCoin and visionary strategic direction of the company. An experienced systems engineer and leader of large programming teams, Andrew has founded Internet properties of over 10 million users and authored seven USPTO patents. Andrew is a Myer Innovation Fellow 2016-17; has a Fulbright in Communications Science; Masters in Digital Communications at Columbia University, New York City; a Visiting Scientist, Centre for Biodiversity Analysis at the Australian National University.

Dr Mallika Robinson

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Science Officer

Mallika is leading and galvanizing the scientific community around the BioSmart Expert Engine and quality assurance of the Databank. With a PhD in Computer Systems and Citizen Science from UNSW, Mallika has developed and managed Internet communities of over 3 million users. Mallika has also authored seven USPTO patents. She was awarded the 2018 Eureka Prize; a Masters in Physics (Columbia University, New York City), and a M.Sci Physics (Indian Institute of Technology). Mallika is our economic growth leader in India, having secured partnerships with the Indian Government, and leads the way in community relationships across the world.

David Haynes

Founding shareholder, Director, Company secretary, Human relations

David is leading corporate and government relations, human relations and strategic marketing direction of the company. A graduate of ANU’s Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, David brings 10+ years of science and statistical communications to the role. He is a communications expert and QuestaGame visionary.

Brenda Foley

Shareholder, Chief Executive Officer

Brenda brings over 13 years of graduated biological science and biosecurity experience in communications, funding and partnerships. Brenda has owned, operated and led successful technology and e-commerce businesses through startup and growth stages. A graduate of James Cook University, Brenda's ability to drive results with her rare combination of environmental and business background has already seen this business broker strategic partnerships for financial and sustainable growth. She is responsible for the day to day management of the company, driving new opportunities and developing partnerships.

Everything we do is about making an impact and affecting global change. Our team is packed with passion, knowledge, a global perspective, and a commitment to protect biodiversity.

We're earth guardians, you can be too!

Earth Guardians is increasing the value of nature knowledge and expertise.


BioExpertise Engine

Our Expertise Engine for identifying species (BioExpertise.org). A powerful technology that rewards expertise and supports conservation partners.


A popular mobile game that's great for families, schools, scouts and anyone interested in discovering nature.


Includes the World BioQuest (QuestaGame.com/worldbioquest), Schools BioQuest (QuestaSchools.com) and University BioQuest (UniversityBioQuest.com) with teams from around the globe competing to map biodiversity.


Putting nature at the forefront of the economy - a coin to help protect life on Earth.

BioLife Foundation

Administers our BioCoin, Pays to Know Nature program and connects our ambassadors to our mission.

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our community

I recently discovered a new species of fly from a record posted via the BioSmart Expertise Engine.

Dr. Bryan LessardEntomologist, CSIRO

Great way to get kids outdoors, they're always spotting animals and are getting great at identifying species. Way better than looking for imaginary creatures!

Cecilia Hlavaty

Very proud of what the @CharlesSturtUni #QuestaGame clan put up for the #UniBioQuest. We learned a heap about what calls our campus home.

Dr. James TurnerCharles Stuart University

It was a great experience competing in the BioQuest in April. It totally changed our way of thinking about biodiversity. Now we know there is lot of other life out there apart from human life. We are determined to protect it.

Thiranya Lanka WanigarathnaSri Lanka

I haven't had this much fun ever! If you like taking pics of the outdoors (plants, bugs, wildlife) you are going to love this.

Magali Bassaler

Great biodiversity monitoring tool for all ages. Have fun whilst recording biodiversity.

Barbara Sing