Exciting, innovative, world-changing technology that connects people to nature to save life on Earth.

Our portfolio


Raising the value of nature through innovative technology

  • The Bio-Expertise Engine: An Artificial Collective Super-Intelligence (ACSI) platform that engages expert communities to score nature observations and reward expertise. The system is finding a new species, undescribed by science, almost every day.
  • QuestaGame: A popular mobile game that turns nature discovery and education into the adventure of a lifetime. Available on iOS an Android devices.
  • BioSMART: A dynamic, real-time bureau of global nature data. The BioSMART technology connects global nature data systems – and their communities – in real time, to produce the most accurate and comprehensive measurement of natural capital.
  • IndigiQuest: Helping bring indigenous knowledge and science to the forefront of natural capital valuation and management.
  • Guardians of Earth (coming soon). A real-world AR game that engages players in nature conservation.
  • building technology that improves the quality of life for humanity
  • rewarding human learning that contributes to the social good
  • enabling distributed ownership and inclusive decision-making
  • supporting real-world, on-the-ground conservation
  • avoiding projects, designs or motivations that may cause harm
  • ensuring the asset ecosystem is environmentally friendly
  • thinking differently, more urgently, more inclusively, on a planetary scale
  • integrating into scalable, sustainable, financial and market solutions
  • developing equitable, decentralised, cross-border forms of governance

“QuestaGame engages people – young and old – with nature, awakening a deep appreciation for all the amazing life forms, often found in their own backyards. It not only transforms players into researchers, scientists, custodians of life on Earth, but importantly contributes to official citizen science portals recording actual sightings so that it is so much more than a game.”
– Dr Jane Goodall, Ph.D, DBE,
Founder, The Jane Goodall Institute &
UN Messenger of Peace

our community

I recently discovered a new species of fly from a record posted via the Bio-Expertise Engine.

Dr. Bryan LessardEntomologist, CSIRO

Great way to get kids outdoors, they're always spotting animals and are getting great at identifying species. Way better than looking for imaginary creatures!

Cecilia Hlavaty

Very proud of what the @CharlesSturtUni #QuestaGame clan put up for the #UniBioQuest. We learned a heap about what calls our campus home.

Dr. James TurnerCharles Stuart University

It was a great experience competing in the BioQuest in April. It totally changed our way of thinking about biodiversity. Now we know there is lot of other life out there apart from human life. We are determined to protect it.

Thiranya Lanka WanigarathnaSri Lanka

I haven't had this much fun ever! If you like taking pics of the outdoors (plants, bugs, wildlife) you are going to love this.

Magali Bassaler

Great biodiversity monitoring tool for all ages. Have fun whilst recording biodiversity.

Barbara Sing

Leadership and vision

Andrew Robinson

Adventurer-in-Chief, Technology; Co-Founder & Chair

Andrew is leading the Guardians of Earth game development, QuestaGame and the strategic direction of Earth Guardians. An experienced systems engineer and leader of large programming teams, Andrew has founded Internet properties of over 10 million users and authored seven USPTO patents. Andrew is a Eureka Prize winner (Science Innovation); Myer Innovation Fellow 2016-17; has a Fulbright in Communications Science; and a Masters in Digital Communications at Columbia University, New York City.

Dr Mallika Robinson

Chief Science Officer, Co-Founder and CFO

With a PhD in Computer Systems and Citizen Science, Mallika is a leader in the field of community-driven science. She has developed and managed large-scale Internet communities and authored seven USPTO patents. She won the 2018 Eureka Prize, has a Masters in Physics (Columbia University, New York City), and a M.Sci in Physics (Indian Institute of Technology). Mallika ensures scientific quality across all platforms and leads the way in developing community relationships around the world.

David Haynes

Chief Explorer, Company Secretary

David is leading corporate and government relations, human relations and strategic marketing direction of the company. A graduate of ANU’s Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, David brings 10+ years of science and statistical communications to the role. He is a communications expert and QuestaGame visionary.

Anna Russell

Chief Data Magician & Nature Analyst

Enthusiastic, business savvy, results focused – and a little bit geeky - Anna has a passion for bringing nature to life through data analytics and visualisation. She has worked on projects from media optimisation to trade marketing, operational reporting to portfolio analytics, and had a great deal of fun along the way. She's most in her element working on difficult problems, finding feasible solutions and executing them with style.
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